Scanning Photos

Scanning Photographs

Things to consider when choosing photos for your memorial wall and video presentation

Try to search out good quality and respectful photos of your loved one as a child, young person, in their courting days, and with their spouse or partner, and place them in chronological order. Include photos of important dates in your loved one’s life – when they graduated from university, their first job, their wedding day, their first child and succeeding children, and family holidays.

Ask others if there are photos that they would like have included in the slide show. Consider the extended family, friends and guests that are likely to attend the memorial service. Ensure that the photos feature your loved one’s key professional roles, hobbies and interests.

Different Methods of Scanning Photos

A flatbed photo scanner connected to a traditional computer is generally the preferred way of creating digital copies of printed photos. Mobile devices, however, have broadened the scope of digital photography. Not only are smartphones capable of taking fantastic pictures, but they can scan and save old photos too. Many of the latest digital devices have a built-in scanner, however, there are a wide variety of free photo scanner apps on the market.

Google PhotoScan is currently one of the most popular apps being used today and can be
downloaded onto iOS or Android devices.  For more information, watch this instructional video: