Arcadio “Kadyong” Malaque

29 November 1922 - 26 December 2014

Fathers are someone to look up to, someone to follow, someone to admire, someone to be proud of and someone to brag about, someone to hold and someone to cry with, someone to learn from and someone to respect, someone to listen to and someone to talk to, someone to try and impress, sometimes rebel against, and, someone, most of all, with whom to share everything this wonderful life has to offer.

Papa Kadyong is the best father to us, his children. He used to work as a farmer in Aloran, Misamis Occidental, my hometown. My Papa would always tell me a story about me almost dying when Mama was giving birth to me. So they both of my parents promised that when I reach the age of 1, they would celebrate it extravagantly.

My father was hard working, responsible and compassionate towards everyone. He was strict, but soft at the same time. He taught me many, many things but I think most importantly he gave us the ability to know that if you really put your mind to something, anything is possible, and never to be afraid to give anything a go.

I am grateful and happy that I was able to share moments with him for a long time. God is truly good for giving a father like Papa.

To say “I loved you” would be an understatement – and to say I’m going to miss him would be an even greater understatement.

May you rest in paradise, Papa Kadyong!

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