Alan Balaba Sr.

September 6, 1970 - January 8, 2016

Hello everyone good day, I am Allyn Mondido Balaba, the youngest and only daughter of Alan Balaba Sr. It’s been 5 years already since my father is gone into this world, but everything is still fresh in my mind what happened five years ago. Today, let me share with you the memories I had with him and reminisce what kind of father he is to me.

My father Alan is such a caring person to everyone, hospitable, hardworking, supportive Brother to all his siblings. He loves singing, playing guitar and most of all he loves farming. He loves helping other people in need. He is funny sometimes he likes to teases his siblings and so is to me. He is so sweet and protective that I become spoiled daughter to him. I run into him when my mama won’t allow me to do something, so he will be the one to approach my mother about what I’m asking for. He is strict in terms of my studies and behavior but at the same time soft and loving. My father is my great influencer in life. He teaches us about survival food and most of all bringing us closer to The Most High.

I always look back this memory when my Papa walked with me for the first time in my high school graduation, that he proudly present me as his daughter. I also love he call me Indai as endearment, and I love those days where he carry me on his back or throw me in the air and catch and those are my childhood days I’d always remember. He likes to teach me about singing , always advise me about life. There’s one time when he told me that if one day will come I will make a family, I should choose a humble man even if he is poor, a man who loves nature and animals and a funny thing is that he wants a man with Carabao haha.

I cherish all the memories and all the wisdom he passed on me, all the advices and I know that he is now in peace and Happy seeing me continue his good doings towards others and I miss him so much.

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