Memorial Wall

The best thing about memories is how you made them. 

 Memories of a loved one can fade over time.  Save those precious stories and photos for all eternity so that current and future family and friends can cherish the memories of a special life.

Your FREE Everlasting Memorial Wall is just a few clicks away

Approximately 40% of people no longer have a gravetone, so we need an alternative place to go to remember.  

Visiting your loved one’s wall when feeling the need to be close to them can be very soothing through your time of grief.

They say that a picture is

worth a thousand words. 

Friends and family can upload their photos which tell more of their loved one’s story.

Add Messages of Love and Support

Friends and family can offer words of comfort and support to the family.

Share Treasured Memories

Allow those who shared your loved one’s journey to share their stories and memories.

See how easy it is to create your loved one’s memorial wall

Write Their Story

Share the important elements of your loved one’s life.

Provide General Biographical Information

Start off their story by providing their name, the age of the deceased, and the day of passing.  Include some biographical information such as birth date, upbringing, education, marriage information, accomplishments, and work history. Be compact and precise with your wording. Try to get as much meaning into as few words as possible.

Listing the Family Members

While you don’t have to mention every nephew and cousin by name, it’s important to write a general overview of the family members who passed away before the loved one as well as the surviving family. Close family members can be listed by name, and other relatives can be referred to more generally.

Capture the Spirit of Your Loved One

Compose a paragraph that describes not only what your loved one did, but also what your loved one was like. For example, focus on hobbies, passions, and personal characteristics.

In order to ensure that your loved one’s memory will be honoured and respected, the administrator of the memorial wall will need to approve any comments or photos posted prior to them be uploaded.