Support Centre

Eulogy Writing


A good eulogy conveys who the person was in ways that are loving and meaningful.  Use our guide to write a special eulogy for your love one

Prayers and Bible Readings


Choose from a large selection of memorial bible readings and prayers to include in your loved one's memorial ceremony

Music Selections


Finding the perfect music which celebrates your love one can be challenging.  Select from our extensive list of popular memorial songs and hymns.


A beautiful poem speaks from the heart and conveys how you felt about the your loved one.   Make a lasting impression at their farewell ceremony.


Choose a beautiful template to use as a background to your memorial wall and video presentation. 

Order of Service

There are many elements that make a memorial service truly meaningful and unique.  Plan a special farewell ceremony for your loved one.

Coping With Grief

Everyone’s experience of grief  is unique. You may experience all kinds of overwhelming emotions, and you might sometimes wonder if the sadness will ever end.

Supporting Others

Many people do not know what to say or do when trying to comfort someone who is grieving.  It is the simple offer of love and support that is the most important.

Digital Afterlife

It is essential to ensure that your loved one's digital assets,  accounts and contacts are recognised and dealt with efficiently.

Scanning Photos


Don't leave all those wonderful memories hidden in a shoebox at the bottom of a cupboard.  Use a range of modern technologies to scan your photos.

Technical Support


 New to Zoom technology?

Follow our detail instructions on how to join and participate in a memorial ceremony and wake.



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